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the guide to air care solutions


Choosing Solutions For A Complementary Air Care System Competing scents in a restroom can be unpleasant. HOSPECO has developed a refreshing new concept in air care, the Complementary Air Care System. By choosing one fragrance for your entire restroom, you achieve a uniform scent that eliminates malodors. Solutions included in the system are denoted with in the air care solutions section.


Step 1: Identify where it is going to be used and the proper intensity for the space Decide if the air care system is for a small, medium or large space and locate the coordinating fragrance intensity.

Step 2: Identify the desired fragrance Several fragrances are offered in each intensity. Choose the one desired most for the space.

Step 3: Identify the air care solutions for your needs. There is a wide array of air care solutions to meet your needs. Choose solutions in matching fragrances to build additional fragrance throughout your desired space.



Air Care Solutions

AirWorks ® 3.0 Passive Air Care

AirWorks ® Metered Aerosol *

AirWorks ® Solid Gel Replacement

AirWorks ® Premier Urinal Screen w/ Block

AirWorks ® Urinal Screen *

AirWorks ® Bowl Clip

AirWorks ® Hang Tag

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Citrus Grove

Large Space/ High Intensity

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Fruit Basket

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Medium Space/ Moderate Intensity


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Midnight Sky

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Orchard Spice

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Fresh Garden

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Lavender Meadow Cucumber Melon

Small Space/ Mild Intensity


Additional Air Care Solutions

Additional air care solutions are also available to complete your personal air care system. These products are not part of the Complementary Air Care System, but are offered in industry standard fragrances that can be used along with solutions from our complementary line of products.

• • Chloroscent® Urinal Screen w/Block • • Smart Block® Non-Para w/ Para Performance • • Health Gards® Non-Para Products • • Health Gards® Para Products • • Health Gards® Disposable Floor Mat (no fragrance)

* Additional fragrances available that are not part of the Complementary Air Care System. See the air care solutions section for more details.


the guide to air care solutions

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