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January 2018

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Log in to your account at ameagle-, click ‘Secure Forms” and select ’Credit Card Balance Transfer Request’. Don’t have an AECU Platinum Visa? We have two options to choose from. Our Preferred Platinum Visa offers our lowest available rate. Or, you can earn points (redeemable for travel, gift cards, and more) on all purchases with our Platinum Points Visa . Apply online at , at your local branch, or by phone at: 877-325-2848. *Special1.99%APRfortwelvemonthsavailableonbalancetransfersmade 1/15/18-4/30/18.TransfersmustberequestedviaaTransferForm,bycalling 800-325-9905ext.58844,viaOnlineAccess,or inpersonatabranch.Transfersmade usingconveniencechecksdonotqualify.Offernotapplicabletocurrentcreditunion creditcardbalances.Alltransfersaresubjecttocreditavailabilityandcannotbe usedtopaya loan.Thecreditunionreservestherighttorefusetoprocessany transferrequest.Thecreditunionwillallocatepayments inexcessoftheminimum amountduetothehighestAPRfirst.Promotionbalancetransfersdonotqualifyfor Rewards!benefits;seewebsiteforcompleteRewards!programdetails.Ratemay varywiththemarketbasedonPrimeRatequoted intheWallStreetJournal.APR canchangethefirstdayofthebillingcycle inthemonthfollowingachange inthe Prime.WewillusethePrimeRateasofthe15thdayofthemonthbeforethemonth ofanyAPRadjustment.

Have you resolved to save more this year? Now that the holidays are over and the bills are starting to roll in, it’s time to put your resolution into action! Transferring high-rate credit card balances to your Credit Union is a great way to start your resolution of saving. When you transfer your high-rate retailer and bank credit card balances to your Credit Union Platinum Visa, you’ll save with a 1.99% APR* for twelve months , with ZERO transfer fees and ZERO annual fees . (After the promo period, your purchase APR applies. Purchase rates range from8.15-21.9%APR, as of 1/1/18, based on card features and underwriting criteria). Start saving today! You have several options: - Complete and mail the balance transfer form provided in this newsletter. - Call 800-325-9905 ext. 58844, 8am - 5pm Central Time. - Request your balance transfers online via OnlineAccess.

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