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INAUGURAL PGA CUP INAUGURAL PGA CUP Inaugural PGA Cup 1973 The inaugural Diamondhead Cup matches were a postscript to the PGA Professional National Championship at Pinehurst, N.C. The matches were the brainchild of BillMaurer of the sponsoring Diamond- head Corporation, then-owner and operator of the Pinehurst Resort. The opening day began with starter Laurie Auchterlonie, honorary professional of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland, ordering the players, “Gentlemen, start your en- gines!” The result was a 2-2 deadlock in foursomematches. TheU.S. grabbed the lead for good, 6-2, thanks to inspired play in the four-ball. DonMassengale andRivesMcBee each finished unbeaten in three matches. Massengale downed Bryan Hutchinson and McBee defeated Brian Waites by respective 3-and-2 margins in singles. McBee teamed with Dennis Lyons andMassengale with Craig Shankland for victories in foursomes and four- ball competition. Gene Borek and Babe Lichardus each finished 2-0. Borek bounced back from a strained back that had forced his withdrawal from the PGA Professional National Championship.


Site: Pinehurst No. 2 Course Pinehurst, N.C. Date: Oct. 23-24 Results: USA 13, Great Britain-Ireland 3 PGA Cup Teams United States Great Britain-Ireland Captain: William Clarke Captain: Tom Halliburton Gene Borek Richard Emery Bob Bruno Bill Ferguson Mal Galletta Bryan Hutchinson Ernie George David Melville Babe Lichardus John Morgan Denny Lyons Geoff Norton Don Massengale Doug Sewell Rives McBee Brian Waites Craig Shankland Jack Wilkshire


Foursomes (Day One) McBee/Lyons (3 and 1) over Waites/Sewell Massengale/Shankland (3 and 2) over Morgan/Wilkshire Melville/Norton (5 and 4) over George/Lichardus Hutchinson/Ferguson (1-up) over Bruno/Galletta Four-Ball (Day One) McBee/Lyons (5 and 4) over Hutchinson/Ferguson Massengale/Shankland (4 and 3) over Waites/Wilkshire Bruno/Galletta (3 and 2) over Norton/Melville Borek/Lichardus (3 and 2) over Sewell/Emery Day One Total: USA 6, Great Britain & Ireland 2

Singles (Day Two) McBee (3 and 2) over Waites Lyons (4 and 3) over Norton Borek (3 and 2) over Melville Lichardus (3 and 2) over Morgan Ferguson (2-up) over George Galletta (1-up) over Wilkshire Bruno (8 and 6) over Sewell Massengale (3 and 2) over Hutchinson

Day Two Total: USA 7, Great Britain & Ireland 1 Final Score: USA 13, Great Britain & Ireland 3


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