A nation is not a race. For instance, there is no French race, because a French person is anybody who lives in France. The United States is a very good example of a nation created for all types of people, and Americans are proud to be called the “melting pot” of different races and ethnic groups. A strong feeling of nationalism and patriotism can have good or bad conse- quences. Many wars have begun because two nations wanted the same land. This caused the tragic conflict between the Palestinians, who want to be recognized as a nation, and the Israelis. However, love for your own country can also bring together the various races and ethnic groups. A good example is Canada, whose citizens are the descendants of British, French, and Inuit people, yet they all live comfortably together in one country as a single nation. One of the horrors facing African slaves bound for America was the long sea voyage. They were packed into small spaces below deck and usually chained. They often became weak and ill, which caused many deaths. This 1790 poster from a British group opposed to the slave trade shows the inhumane crowding of a standard slave ship.



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