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CloseBrothersestablishes stronglinkswithathrivingcity

Aregionalbasethat hasaglobal reach

E arlier this year, Gal- way-based cloud se- curityvendorTitanHQ rolled out two new features for its award-win- ning email security solution SpamTitan: Sandboxing and Dmarc email authentication. TitanHQ developed the technology behind its email security solution more than 20yearsagoand,overthepast two decades, SpamTitan has receivedmanyupdatestoim- prove features for end users and increase detection rates. Based in Salthill, Galway, TitanHQisa25-years-young, multi-award-winning cloud securityvendor.Itsthreeareas ofspecialisationareadvanced web filtering, email security and email archiving.  “TitanHQ protects more than8,000businessesacross the globe and works daily with more than 2,200 man- aged service providers,” said DrydenGeary,marketingdi- rector at TitanHQ. “Our products are really resonatingwith the end cus- tomer.Weprotect businesses frommalicious cyber threats includingmalware, ransom- ware, phishing, viruses and botnets.” SpamTitan already blocks more than 99.9 per cent of spamandmaliciousemailsto preventthreatsfromreaching endusers’inboxes.Thelevelof protection it providesagainst email attackshasmade it the gold standard in email secu- rity for the SMB market and managed service providers serving SMBs. In order to provide even greaterprotectionagainst in- creasinglysophisticatedemail threats, TitanHQhas addeda new sandboxing feature.  “Thesandbox isapowerful virtual environment, totally separatefromothersystems,” saidGeary. “Whenprograms are run in the sandbox, they behave as they would on an ordinaryendpointandcanbe assessed for suspicious be-

BY SIOBHÁNMAGUIRE G alway city is soon to haveanexcitingnew addition,withanew ferry service to the Aran Islands in the pipeline. Aran Island Ferries, Ire- land’s largest domestic ferry company,willlaunchthenew route in May of next year. It will depart fromthe docks in Its young, educated workforce and some of the world’smost innovative companies helpGalway punchwell above its weight as an economic region G alway city is an exciting place for Close Brothers to do business, ac- cording to the banking group’s managing director Ciaran McAreavey. “While its current popula- tionmakesGalwaythefourth largest city in Ireland, it is the country’sfastestgrowingcity and certainlypunches above its weight as an economic region,” he said. “The area is arguably the most eco- nomically vibrant part of the country given that it blends long-established global em- ployers with a healthy start- up culture which is fostering thenextgenerationofgrowth companies. “Galwaycitybenefitshuge- ly from having about 25,000 students enrolled inNational University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)andGalway-MayoIn- stitute of Technology. NUIG has just been ranked in the top 1 per cent of global uni- versities by the Times.” Close Brothers Group is a FTSE250 listed merchant banking group. Across Brit- ainandIreland, thecompany employs3,300peopleandhas a core aim of helping busi-

inanorth-westerlydirection across Galway Bay. Approxi- mately 14km in length and 5km wide, visitors come to discover the islands’ fasci- nating history, spectacular landscapesandaleveloftran- quillity that is hard tomatch. ÁineMcLoughlin,salesand marketing manager at Aran Island Ferries, said the new routewaswidelyanticipated fortheopportunityforpeople to travel fromGalwaycitydi- rectly to Inis Mór. “Our current routedeparts fromRosaMhílinConnemara toallthreeislandsyear-round, but this is thefirstdirect route fromGalway Bay to Inis Mór since 2005,” she said. “Aran IslandFerries operates afleet of purpose-built ferries that vary inpassenger capacity to accommodate private char- ter, as well as our scheduled sailings and ensure that our customersenjoythebestpos- sible experience.” Aran Island Ferries co-founder Paddy O’Brien worked as a helper onhis fa- therMichael’sGalwayHooker, AnTónaí,carryingpassengers to the Aran Islandswhen the turf trade started to decline. “Dad spoke of the 4am de- partures, when arrival time to the islands was unknown. Depending on weather con- ditions, it could take 12hours to reach the island,” he said. Michael O’Brien finally hadclaritywhenhe installed the boat’s engine in 1969 for IR£830. Inspired by his fa- ther’s work, Paddy and his wife Sally, bought the Dún Aengus, a 48-seater and the first domestic ferry with a passengerlicenceonthewest coast.  Today, all four O’Brien children run the business, expanding ferry capacity throughout the years to en- sureasafe, comfortable jour- ney for passengers. the economic vibrancy else- where inthe region isnot lost on McAreavey. He said Gal- way’stourismsectorhasgone from strength to strength, with1.7millionvisitorsayear making it the most popular destination outside Dublin. “This has led to significant investment in newhotel and leisure projects over the last ten years and has also driv- enemployment in transport, food and beverage and holi- day businesses to service a growing demand. “Thegrowthhasbeensup- ported by an investment in transportinfrastructure. From the €550 million improve- ments to the M17/M18 Gort to Tuammotorway, which is a centrepiece of the govern- ment’sNationalDevelopment Plan, to the construction of the €105 million Bonham Quay regeneration project in the docklands, the area is booming.” While in years gone by, many graduates may have looked to emigrate to max- imise their career, they now enjoy great opportunities at home. “As a result of the synergy between a young, well-ed- ucated workforce and some of the world’s most innova- tive companies, Galway city is now one of the five global hubs in the medtech sector and boasts its very own ‘Sili- conSquare’withanICTstart- uphubclusteredaroundEyre Square,” McAreavey said. “ThishasresultedinGalway developinganumberoflead- ing precision manufacturing companieswhichwill beex- hibitingatamajorglobalExpo at Parkmore this month. The team at Close Brothers looks forwardtocontinuingtosup- port customers in Galway withfast andflexible lending decisions taken by our team of local experts.” For more information, see

Conor Madden, sales director (second from left), and Dryden Geary, marketing director (third from left), TitanHQ

haviourandmaliciousactions without causing harm. “Prior to being sent to the sandbox, files are first an- alysed using SpamTitan’s anti-malware technologies. Only files that require fur- ther analysis make it to the sandboxwheretheyaresafely detonated.” “The growth of the cyber threat landscape has pushed securitytotheforefrontofev- eryone’sminds.Thecompany has continued to grow as the websecurityareahasbecome more and more important. We recently expanded our team, and now have 55 peo- ple in Galway, as well as our US office in Tampa. We have takenover theentirebuilding in lower Salthill and have all three floors. It has been re- decorated internally, and the offices now have a Google look.” TitanHQ have also com- menced a major partnership withDatapac, Ireland’s lead- ing ICT solutions provider, with offices in Dublin, Wex- ford and Belfast. Established in 1982, Datapac has been at theforefrontoftechnologyin- novation formore than three decades. “We are a wholly Irish- owned companyon thewest coast,” said Geary. “Datapac is also a wholly Irish-owned company. It is using our plat-

formstoservicetheirnewand existingcustomers.Itisagreat example of two indigenous companies working well to- gether.”  TitanHQ is also having considerable successwith its emailsecurityproductwhich they have been developing over the past few years. Of- fice 365 has become a pri- marytargetforcyber-attacks, andwhileMicrosofthasmade progressincybersecurity,we still hear countless stories where hackers have under- minedanO365environment Although the Office 365 spamfilteroffersareasonable level of security, some busi- nesses find it lackingwhen it comes to highly sophisticat- ed cyber threats, especially advanced and persistent spear-phishing attacks. As anemail securityexpertwith more than 20 years’ experi- ence, TitanHQ knows new malware can penetrate the usual email filtering mech- anisms.  “Systemadministratorsim- plementingOffice365needto make sure it’s secure by lay- ering in a dedicated secure messaging and spam filter- ing solution like SpamTitan to protect against advanced persistentthreats,”saidGeary. To learn more about TitanHQ, go to 

Ciaran McAreavey, managing director, Close Brothers Ireland

Galway city to Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands. While the full details of the exciting new route are under wraps until closer to the launch time, Aran Island Ferries can confirm the new ferry will have the capacity to carry 400 passengers and the journeyfromthedocks to the island will take an hour- and-a-half.Theferryisunder nesses thrive over the long term. Having opened its first officeinIrelandin2007,Close BrothersCommercialFinance now services Irish business fromofficesinBelfast,Dublin, Cork and Galway. “While the onset of the fi- nancial crisis in 2008 made it difficult for Irish SMEs to access the finance that they needed, it representedagreat opportunity for us to forge new customer relationships and to support businesses across Ireland,” McAreavey said. “Wehaveadiversecustom- er base, ranging from SMEs which are keen to invest in plant and machinery to the largest businesses in the dis- tribution, engineering,man- ufacturing, leisure, transport andlogisticssectorsoperating in the west of Ireland. “Our industry experts can visityourbusinessandstruc- ture a tailored funding solu- tion. Your finance plan could

offer visitors a glimpse into a wayoflifethathaslongdisap- pearedfrommainlandIreland. All three islands – Inis Mór, InisMeáin and Inis Oírr – are emblematicoftraditionalIre- land’sspirit,songsandstories, making themone of thewest coast’smost popular spots. Inis Mór, meaning “big island”, is the largest of the three Aran Islands and lies chinerybyspreading thecost overanagreedterm.Thistype of funding isanidealfitwhen looking to invest in business growth, providing a simple and flexible option. Invoicefinancedeliversfast access to cash tied up in out- standing customer invoices. These facilitiescanreleaseup to 90 per cent of the value of invoices as soon as theyhave been raised and grow in line with turnover.  Asset-based lending en- ables larger companies with a funding requirement of €1 million to €25 million-plus to secure higher levels of borrowing. It combines an invoice finance facility with additional funding provided against assets such as stock, property or plant and ma- chinery. For businesses with a strong track record of cash generation, a cashflow loan can also be offered. Whilebusiness isbooming for Close Brothers in Galway,

construction,buttheplanned route is unique in that it will allow visitors to Galway city the opportunity to travel to the Aran Islands. “This will bring a new ex- perienceforpassengers,never seen on Galway Bay before,” saidConorO’Dowd, chef ex- ecutive of the Port of Galway. Datingbacksome350mil- lion years, the Aran Islands include capital expenditure, improving access toworking capital or funding a strategic event such as an expansion, acquisition or a refinance.” Asset finance is another popular option which al- lows SMEs to purchase or refinance equipment such as commercial vehicles or construction plant and ma- global hubs in themedtech sector Galwaycity isnowone of thefive

Ahoythere!OldAranferryservicegetsanewleaseof life

Aran Island Ferries will launch its new route from the Galway city docks to the Aran Islands next May

state-of-the-art vessels,” said McLoughlin. “We are really excited about the new route and the opportunity to provide passengers with an alternative departure point.” Ifyouareplanningaweek- endawayorashortbreakand looking for the perfect desti- nation, the answer might be a short ferry journey away. Book a return journey online

An Tonaí was the first boat to ferry passengers from the Aran Islands to Galway


“We’re the largest domes- tic ferry company in Ireland,

carrying thousands of pas- sengers every year on four

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