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T he FBINAA Community Engagement Committee collaborated with the 2019 FBINAA Annual Conference Committee to establish a legacy gift that would be awarded to a group in Phoenix, AZ that is committed to strengthening the bond between law enforcement and the local community they serve. This year, the 2019 FBINAA Community Engagement Legacy Gift is awarded to Drag Racing Against Gangs and Graffiti , or DRAGG. DRAGG is an innovative afterschool program in Phoenix, AZ that helps prepare high school students for a career in the automotive industry. Police Officers and people from the automotive industry mentor local high school students. Students are provided the opportunity to build cars for car shows through lessons learned at DRAGG that range from basic automotive repair to creative car customization. The program builds on an old idea; keep the youth engaged in something they’re interested in and focused on the future with positive influences. The program empowers individuals to make a positive impact on their future by offering opportunities for continued education, life skills and potential employment. The Arizona program works with Trevor Brown High School students, offering them instruction and a produc- tive way to spend their time while learning life skills.

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