T H E 2 0 1 9 A N N U A L C O N F E R E N C E S P O N S O R & E X H I B I T O R G U I D E

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Saint Leo University Founded in 1889, Saint Leo University is a regionally accredited, leading Catholic teaching institution. Saint Leo offers undergraduate, graduate, and post- baccalaureate certificate programs on campus, at centers and online. Contact: Brenda Heister brenda.heister@saintleo.edu www.saintleo.edu Simply IV Safety Revolutionary modular refuge that inte- grates into any environment to combat the plague of active shooter situations. Contact: Thomas Baggiero t.baggiero@simplyivsafety.com www.simplyivsafety.com Southern NH University Southern NH University is a private, non- profit, accredited institution providing affordable, accessible education both on campus and online including AS, BS, and MS degrees in Justice Studies. Contact: Joanne Normand j.normand@snhu.edu www.SNHU.edu SpeakWrite SpeakWrite Transcription as a Service solutions for law enforcement. U.S. based typists are available 24/7/365 to type recorded audio and/or video. Pay as you go, no contracts required. Contact: Cody Roden cody.roden@speakwrite.com www.speakwrite.com/lawenforcement Streamlight Inc. Streamlight Inc. manufactures a variety of precision-engineered flashlights, tactical lights, lanterns and accessories for use in military, police, fire & rescue and security applications. Contact: Kelly Swope kswope@streamlight.com www.streamlight.com Strongwatch (Freedom Surveillance, LLC dba Strongwatch) Strongwatch® is a surveillance innovation company delivering technology that protects lives supports law enforcement, with mobile cooled thermal IR technol- ogy, HD camera systems, and laser range finders. Contact: Kenny Buckland kenny.buckland@strongwatch.com www.strongwatch.com SymbolArts Jewelry quality badges, coins, pins, med-

Terradyne Armored Vehicles Terradyne Armored Vehicles is a manu- facturer of tactical armored vehicles and integrator of systems related to tactical armored vehicles. Contact: Lucus Witzke lucus.witzke@terradyneinc.com www.terradyneinc.com Terrorist Screening Center The Terrorist Screening Center is a multi- agency center that supports national se- curity by providing the U.S. Government a layered tripwire service that enables timely operational response to counter threat-actors. Contact: William Andrew waa82350@aol.com www.fbi.gov/about-us/nsb/tsc The Vernon Company The Vernon Company is proud to be a partner of the FBINAA where we manage and run the On Line Brand Store and the Titan Securite Titan Security offers a wide range of security services and products. It is the distributor of the Pitagone Anti-Truck RAM barriers for Canada and USA. Contact: Ghenadie Odobescu INFO@TITANSECURITE.COM www.titansecurite.com Treatment Placement Specialists Treatment Placement Specialists, "Improving Lives Through Informed william.mazur@acadiahealthcare.com www.Treatmentplacementspecialists. com Trident University Trident University offers 100% online bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in over 60 concentrations to include busi- ness, education, health and human ser- vices, and information systems. For more information visit trident.edu/fbinaa. Contact: James Shiver Member Marketplace. Contact: Sharla Elscott sharlae@vernoncompany.com www.vernonpromotions.com Treatment Guidance®" Contact: William Mazur

U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs Learn about law enforcement's obligation to provide notification when arresting or detaining a foreign national. Contact: Carmen Hills www.HillsCC@state.gov U.S. Tactical Supply U.S. Tactical Supply - Quality products you can depend on from people you can trust. Contact: Kevin Swanson kevins@ustacticalsupply.com www.ustacticalsupply.com Law: a unique online program that offers the only transnational crime Master's degree for non-lawyers in a law school environment. Contact: Albert Scherr albert.scherr@law.unh.edu www.law.unh.edu University of Charleston (WV) The Mission of the University of Charles- ton is to educate each student for a life of productive work, enlightened living, and community involvement. UPS UPS is a global leader in logistics and supply chain management. We are proud to support law enforcement and the FBINAA. Contact: Pam Gagle pgagle@ups.com www.ups.com University of San Diego Extend your FBINA training with a Mas- ter's degree in Law Enforcement & Public Safety Leadership. 100% online program, regionally accredited and highly rated by students. Transfer credit for FBINA coursework. Contact: Casey Murphy caseymurphy@sandiego.edu www.CriminalJustice.SanDiego.edu V-Armed In order to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving, complex threat, V-Armed offers a unique solution by taking simula- tion marksmanship and tactical training UNH School of Law Transnational crime Master's at UNH Contact: Michael Levy michaellevy@ucwv.edu www.ucwv.edu

owned and operated manufacturer of UltriLight and HyperLight Body Armor and other Ballistic Protection Systems Contact: William Gibbons

billy@vetsmfg.com www.vetsmfg.com

Vigilant Solutions Vigilant Solutions’ technology helps law enforcement solve crimes faster through image analytics for the public safety mar- ket, providing license plate recognition (LPR), facial recognition and ballistics analysis to agencies worldwide. Contact: Heather Richardson heather.richardson@vigilantsolutions. com www.vigilantsolutions.com VirTra VirTra is a global provider of high-quality judgmental use of force training simula- tors for the law enforcement, military, Virtual Academy Virtual Academy is the place where qual- ity training is accessible and affordable. Our easy to use Training Management System (TMS) is 100% online. Contact: Leah Bennett Watchguard Video WatchGuard is the leading provider of mobile video solutions for law enforce- ment. Our products include in-car video systems and body-worn cameras along with evidence management software. Contact: Geoff Case leah.bennett@savantls.com www.virtualacademy.com/ and educational market. Contact: Victoria Hudson vhudson@virtra.com www.virtra.com

gcase@watchguardvideo.com www.watchguardvideo.com

Wendell's Mint Our company manufactures custom minted challenge coins. Our coins are

manufactured in the USA. Contact: Jeffrey Murphy jmurphy@wendellsinc.com ww.wendellsinc.com

james.shiver@trident.edu www.trident.edu/fbinaa

Yogashield Yoga For First Responders Supported. Protected. Prepared. Yoga For First Responders provides vital emotional wellness and mental resiliency training in academy settings, inservice trainings, and community-based programs. Contact: Olivia Kvitne olivia@yogaforfirstresponders.org www.yogaforfirstresponders.org

Tyler Technologies Only Tyler has the resources, domain ex- pertise and passion to focus on the needs of public safety agencies and provide best-of-breed products like New World™,

to the next level with VR. Contact: Christina Corbat christina@v-armed.com www.v-armed.com

als, apparel and more. Contact: Scott Burnett Scott@symbolarts.com www.symbolarts.com

Brazos™, and Incode™. Contact: Dani McArthur dani.mcarthur@tylertech.com www.TylerTech.com

Verizon Verizon is committed to the Public Safety Community across the United States, having the nation’s most reliable wireless network ensuring communications are met to the highest standards. Contact: Laurie Cahill laurie.cahill@verizon.com www.verizonenterprise.com/industry/ public_sector/public_safety

Teel Technologies Canada Teel Technologies Canada offers a wide variety of computer and mobile forensic training courses, tools and equipment, and services, to digital forensic profes- sionals, law enforcement, and military agencies. Contact: Robert Elder bob.elder@teeltechcanada.com www.teeltechcanada.com

UCI Communications Trackr UCI-Trackr is the next generation consent intercept tool. With UCI-Trackr, Law enforcement can fight crime by capturing real-time audio, geo-location, calls, texts and encrypted messages, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal Contact: DENZIL DSA DENZIL@pplconnect.mobi www.ucitrackr.com

Veterans MFG Veterans MFG is a Texas based, veteran

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