GROW Upp Children's Areas By HABA

Wall Mirror The classic in a new design, promotes self-awareness.

Motor Skills Wall Panel Five petals offer tactile and acoustic stimuli: they are mlled with cherry stones, beads, cotton wool and various sized wooden beads, granules or a “squeaker”. The use of screws can be practised with the threaded rod, and the gear sometimes rattles loudly or sometimes softly. The principle of cause and effect can be experienced.


Cherry Stones The cherry stones fall from one cham- ber to the other when the panel is turned. In this way the laws of gravity and centrifugal force are visible and, through the slight acoustic effect, audible.

Gear Wheels Here children can experience how the interlocking teeth move the adjoining wheels in opposite directions. The prin- ciples of mechanics can be explored.


These WALLS Play Along


For grow.upp we have redesigned our learning walls to be part of our overall visual and educational concept. In this way the color and shape concept of the furniture and carpets continues on the walls. The individual wall elements can be connected to one another with color patches painted on in pastel tones with stencils. This results in an exciting and at the same time orderly appearance. More about this on page 60.

Painted color patches visually connect the wall elements

I can’t hurt myself here.

Maybe if I turn it this way I’ll get all the cherry stones to the bottom

What’s in here?

grow.upp - Räume entdecken 33


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