GROW Upp Children's Areas By HABA

Discovery Rooms! DESIGN CONCEPT Organic Structures How the designers describe the grow.upp concept: Children can gather lots of experiences on an excursion into the forest or to the park. They can try things out, learn things. We asked ourselves: How can we design a group room which is equally exciting? What do the furni- ture, the colors, the light and the walls need to be like? Simply imitating nature wasn’t our goal. We wanted to create its essence. We wanted the children and teachers to feel surrounded by this natural order , and to have a sense in the same way we feel connected with na- ture, while on hikes and walks. We considered this in the design and selec- tion of colors: delicate green, brown and blue, supplemented with a few

(with optimal space utililzation) doesn’t just stand against the wall but rather, combined with the angled elements , grows through creativity. through the room, structures it and separates the room areas visually and physically. The room remains open as these naturescape “room dividers” are Àlled with experiences and have “secret” passages. The paths don’t always take the most direct line from A to B. Grow.upp offers various op- tions to reach a destination. This encourages movement around the room. The widely distributed explorer spaces encourage independent play by the children. They have the opportunity to mnd many corners and angles,

sparing accents in red and yellow. In this way the room is similar to the natural and timeless impres- sions given by our own familiar outdoors. The unusual geometry of the furniture renects the fact that nature is constantly surprising us. Living shapes don’t follow the stiff, technoid aesthetic of our functionally oriented architecture.

and to play throughout the room. Children can mnd spaces for retreat , for quiet observation or even for sleep. Grow.upp offers children an environment which suits their needs and stimulates their senses in ways that conneet with nature.

The tried and tested right-angled storage furniture

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