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TELECOM PACKAGE There are several Telecom providers in Luxembourg: Post/LuxGSM, Tango, Orange, Numericable, and Eltrona among others. Most of the providers will allow you to customize your Telecom package, including options such as landline and mobile communications, TV and unlimited Internet access. PRELIMINARY STEPS It is important to be aware that your future Telecom provider will depend on the technical eligibility of your house/apartment and must be confirmed in advance by calling provider’s helpline and naming the address. Provider will be able to confirm the technical eligibility of the property and propose all possible telecom options for you to choose from. Post: 8002-8004 Tango: 800 77 777 Orange: 800 61 606 Numericable: 34 93 93 1 Or Eltrona: 499 466 888 or HOW TO SUBSCRIBE Most of the providers have similar requirements for new clients. The best practice is to visit the office in person and provide the following documents: + Copy of passport (ID) of the person who is going to be the contract holder + Residence certificate (declaration of arrival) as official proof of residence + Three last salary slips or work contract as official proof of income + Bank account information to enable the provider to withdraw monthly charges + VISA card (some providers request a deposit which is released as soon as the first monthly payment has been made) HOW TO UNSUBSCRIBE In order to terminate your telecom contract, one should take into consideration the following details: + Fixed term of the contract to be respected disregarding circumstances (12 or 24 months) + Smartphone/decoder included or not (your provider may ask you to return the decoder or continue paying for the smartphone as long as it has been fixed by the contract) + Leaving the country for professional reasons (if this is the case, official letter from employer must be provided or sent by registered mail) + Moving to another country (if this is the case, official proof of change of address from the local commune must be provided or sent by registered mail) It is strongly recommended to send all documents/letters by registered mail with delivery confirmation if corresponding with providers by post in order to prevent gaps in communication or lost documents.

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