FM10C FM Stereo Transmitter Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. FM10C

 Great for transmitting your tape deck or CD player throughout the house, yard or even your car.  Powerful enough for college or neighborhood radio stations - in use all over the world.  Fantastic audio quality sounds better than most stations on the dial. And we’ll tell you why!  Easily connects to the line-level outputs on any tape deck, stereo system or CD player.  Some users hook up one channel to the scanner and the other to their two way radio. Now you can hear what’s going on around town up to several blocks away from your house with a simple stereo receiver... and adjust the volume of each individually with your balance control!  Add a mike-mixer and tape/CD deck for a “PRO” sounding station.  Operates on 5 to 20 volts, using a crystal controlled subcarrier.  Tunable anywhere in the 88-108 MHz FM band. Own and operate your own FM Stereo broadcast station. Definitely not a toy, the FM-10C has an exceptional transmission range... and the audio quality puts your favorite radio station to shame. See why this is one of our most popular kits! Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication

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