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Ex. 542


540 1902 Overprinted ‘TCHONG-KING’ on French Navigation and Commerce, unofficially issued, 1c black on grey blue, mint and rare. Chan FFKA, Sc1. Photo HK$ 300 - 400 541 1917 Overprinted ‘Pechino’ on 20c orange, mint and no gum. Chan FI-13. Photo HK$ 200 - 300 541A 1901 Overprinted ‘China’ on Reichspost on high value 1m to 5m, mint and lightly hinged plus surcharged 2 1/2d on 5m no watermark, used. Chan FG31-FG34, FG44. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000 542 1898 overprinted ‘China’ in sloping 56 degrees on Reichpost, 3pf to 50pf complete set of 6, mint and minor toning. Chan FG- FG12. Photo HK$ 300 - 400 543 1901 (11 May) an overprinted ‘C.E.F.’on !V 3/4a brown stationery card with the same overpinted on QV 3p, 1/2a, 1a and 2a, each tied by double ring ‘F.P.O. No.14’ cds. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,500 Ex. 541A


544 1898 (Aug.) A red band cover from Tsintanfort to Germany, bearing overprinted ‘China’ sloping 48degree on 10pf carmine red, tied by manuscript type cancel in 6 blue lines, rare, a few water stain marks on both sides. Photo HK$ 2,200 - 2,500 545 1900 (Nov.) A miss sent cover from China to USA, on front bearing overprinted ‘China’ sloping 56 degree on 10pf cermine in pair, tiedby large single ring ‘DEUTSCHE/MARINE-SCHIFFSPOST/No.42’ Ship cancellation, with the same alongside and large faint single ring ‘MARINE/DEC 25 1900/ILL.’ USA Ship cancellation, adjacent with large words ‘MISSENT’ in gray black, ‘NEW YORK/22.12.00’ transit. on reverse with large sing ring ‘MARINE/ILL/DEC 25 1900’ Ship cancellation which is different design compare to the front, ‘TRAIN LATE/MAIL DELAYED’ USA Train cancel and ‘PEORIA/26.12.00’ arrival cds. a small at the top, but not affecting any stamps and cancellation. Photo HK$ 5,000 - 6,000



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