HK046-Main catalogue

746 1942 Japanese occupation. Overprinted ‘DAI NIPPON 2602 MALAYA’ on Perak 8c rose red block of 15 bottom left corner copy and single stamp, all with overprinted inverted variety, unmounted. Sc N19a. Photo HK$ 400 - 500 747 A small selection of the Japanese occupation overprinted on Malaya states, mainly, Perak and Salangor, with duplicated, pairs or blocks, a few overprint variety, unmounted or lightly hinged, minor toning. Approx. 120. Photo HK$ 500 - 800 748 A small group of commercially used covers around 40’s tp 50’s from different Malaya states, including registered covers, a few covers with contents, mainly 40’s, average. Approx. 90. Photo HK$ 600 - 800 Ex. 747 Ex. 748

Ex. 750


749 1910’s An air mail cover to Switzerland, bearing various Thailand King’s various issues in pair or blocks, total 12 values, tied by large double ring ‘Maha Srarkan’ cs. Photo HK$ 600 - 800 750 A small group of the Asia covers x 13, with 1937 ROC FFC, a few 50’s Taiwan FDC with duplicated and HK on KGVI on censor cover, Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,200 751 A classical of QV revenue stamps x 9, all used and one unused 1 penny stationery envelop, with address, pre stamp untied. Photo HK$ 300 - 400

Ex. 751


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