HK046-Main catalogue

Imperial China Postal History


185 1887 (10 June) A cover to Tacoma, USA, bearing USA 5c James A. Garfield, tied by killer cancel, it looks like refranked on the cover, alongside tied by ‘U.S.POSTAL AGENCY/SHANGHAI’ oval cancel in violet. On reverse with ‘SAN FRANCISCO/PAID ALL/7.7’ in red single ring cds, and faint ‘9.7’ USA arrival cds. Photo HK$ 2,000 - 3,000


186 1900 (18 June) A mixed franking cover from Kiungchow to Germany, on front with HK QV10c red on red, tied by ‘HONG. KONG’ cds, date not clear, and Kiung Chow ‘I.P.O.’ black frame chop, alongside with bilingual ‘KIUNGCHOW’ cds, on reverse with CIP Coiling Dragon 10c green, tied by bilingual ‘KIUNCHOW’ cds and Germany 24.7.00 arrival cds, a few toned marks but still rare. Photo HK$ 5,000 - 6,000

187 1903 (17 Apr.) A mixed franking cover, on front bearing KIAUTCHOU Yacht10pf , tied by ‘TSINGTAU’ Gr. P.O cds, alongside with CIP Coiling Dragon 10c green tied by rare ‘TSIMO’ (即墨) Sun Moon cancellation, on reverse with bilingual ‘KIAOCHOW/17.4.03’ transit and ‘PARDHAU/23.5.03’ arrival cds, unusual destination, missing part of the back flap, not affecting any stamps and cancellation. Photo HK$ 15,000 - 18,000 187


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