HK046-Main catalogue


198 1897 (12 Nov.) A cover sent to Denmark, bearing ICP Coiling Dragon 2c, 4c in pair, both tied by “NEWCHWANG” Pakua cancel in brown, matching the ‘NEWCHWANG’ Dollar chop underneath, additional bearing the overprinted ‘Chine’ on French Peace and Commerce 25c, tied by ‘SHANG-HAI/2.12.97’ Fr. P.O cds, on reverse with ‘SHANGHAI/27.11.97’ Dollar chop transit in blue green, and Denmark 30.1.98 arrival cds, a few stain mark on the front. Photo HK$ 45,000 - 55,000


199 1898 (10 Sept.) A cover to Shanghai, on front bearing ICP Coiling Dragon 1c and CIP coiling Dragon 1c, tied by “KIUKIANG” Dollar chop, with index ‘S’ in ‘SEP’ reverse variety, on reverse with ‘SHANGHAI/LOCAL POST/12.9.98’ arrival cds, minor toning and a few tears at the top. Photo HK$ 2,300 - 2,600 200 1898 (12 Dec.) A red band cover to Hankow, on reverse bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 1c, tied by the rare ‘HANGCHOW’ Dollar chop in blue, and the same cds on front, with bilingual ‘HANHOW/17.12.98’ arrival cds. Photo HK$ 48,000 - 55,000



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