HK046-Main catalogue


230 1898 (7 Dec.) A cover to Shanghai, bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 1c x 2, each tied by “TAKU’ Pakua’ and “TAKU’ Dollarchop in blue cancel, on reverse with ‘WOOSHUNG’ and ‘SHANGHAI’ Dollar chop arrival cds. Rare use of the ‘TAKU’ Dollar chop cancel. Photo HK$ 26,000 - 28,000


231 1899 (1 Apr.) A mixed franking rad band cover to Italy, bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 10c, tied by ‘CHEFOO’ Dollar chop, alongside with HK QV 10c purple on red, tied by small single ring ‘SHANGHAI’ cds and ‘IPO’ in black frame, on reverse with ‘SHANGHAI’ Dollar chop and ‘HONG KONG’ transit and French ‘No.11’ Ship cancel. Photo HK$ 22,000 - 25,000


232 1911 A picture postcard to Tientsin locally, on front with CIP Coiling Dragon 1/2c in block of 4,tied by faint ‘TIENTSIN’ cds, on reverse with char. ‘Express Letter’ (快車/京檢) cds, bilingual ‘TIENTSIN’ and ‘TIEN-TSIN/14.8.11’ Fr. P. O arrival cds. Photo HK$ 5,000 - 6,000


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