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251 1900 (5 Feb.) A mixed franking picture postcard to Germany, bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 1c x 2, 2c, each tied by bilingual ‘AMOY’ cds, with HK Qv 4v slate, tied by ‘HONG KONG/7.2.00’ cds and ‘I.P.O.’ frame chop in black. Germany arrival cds, minor toning. Photo HK$ 6,000 - 7,000 252 1899 (12 July) A printing rate cover to Germany, bearing Dowager large figures 1.50mm on 2nd printing 1c on 1 cand, CIP Coiling Dragon 1/2c x 2, tied by bilingual ‘WOOSUNG’ cds and frame ‘I.e..’ frame chop in black, with HK QV 2c carmine tied by ‘HONG KONG/13.7.99’ cds. Photo HK$ 8,000 - 10,000


253 1900 (28 Nov.) A mixed franking on embossed ‘Inspectorate General of Customs/Statistical Department’ cover to London, England, on front bering CIP Coiling Dragon 10c, tied by unclear cds, alongside with overprinted ‘Chine’ on French Peace and Commerce 25c, tied by ‘SHANG-HAI/28.11.00’ Fr.P.O cds, repaired at the top flap. Photo HK$ 3,000 - 4,000 254 1913 (28 Jan.) A mixed franking cover to USA, bearing Hsuan Tung 7c and overprinted ‘ROC’ on Coiling Dragon 3c strip of 3, both tied by bilingual ‘FOOCHOW’ cds, on reverse with faint bilingual ‘SHANGHAI’ and ‘SHANGHAI/I.J.P.O’ transit. Photo HK$ 4,000 - 5,000 255 1902 (29 Dec.) A cover to Amoy locally, bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 1c ,tied by very clear ‘SHIMA’ (石碼)Tombstone cancel in black, on reverse with bilingual ‘AMOY/29.12.02’ arrivals, very small part of the frap is being trimmed, only affecting small part of the back flap. Photo HK$ 3,200 - 3,500




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