Q3 2017 LAUNCH Magazine Canada 7-26-17


As you explore the products in this issue of Launch Magazine, you’ll see one common theme: ESAB’s next-generation products demolish the rules for performance, portability, user-friendly operation, innovative technology and lower cost of operation. These breakthrough product developments were driven by our Voice-of-Customer (VOC) research. In some cases, users asked us to make the industry’s leading products even better, as with the Victor ® EDGE ™ 2.0 regulator. Competitors still haven’t matched the safety and performance of the original EDGE, and now Victor has redefined user interaction with EDGE 2.0. In fact, ESAB redefined the user experience and interaction with all the products showcased here, whether it’s controls that convey more information and simplify set-up or design features that improve productivity, enhance ergonomics or increase safety. Another thing you’ll find in common is that users need to personally experience the results these products can deliver. ESAB dared users to try Rebel — and dare we say we were right about how functions like sMIG (“Smart MIG”) and the TFT color display would change opinions and disrupt the category? Now, we’d like to double down: we dare you to demo any of the new products shown here. We’re confident that superior performance will speak for itself. Heavy Industrial Equipment We’d like to draw special attention to the new and improved Aristo ® family of heavy industrial welding products, as well as the DMX Automated Plasma Beveller. With our expanded Aristo family — a total of 21 ready-to-weld packages — ESAB now offers the industry’s broadest selection of advanced welding systems for medium- and heavy-industrial welding. Features and benefits go beyond the competition, and the value can’t be matched. With the DMX Beveller and SmartBevel ™ Technology, ESAB offers an unbeatable combination of performance, safety and simplicity for plasma bevelling. Finally, users can gain all benefits from their mechanized plasma bevelling and cutting operation while eliminating all of the traditional headaches.

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