P.I. Sell Sheets

P.I. Freshen Up Concentrate Product No. 850806

Concentrate Description:

Blending Directions:

P.I. Freshen Up Concentrate is a manufacturing intermediate to make Freshen Up.

For each 100 gallons of finished product, thoroughly mix 24 gallons of P.I. Freshen Up Concentrate with 76 gallons of softened water. By weight, add 210 lbs of P.I. Freshen Up Concentrate to 632 lbs of softened water and blend until uniform.

Typical Physical and Chemical Specifications for the Manufacturing Intermediate:

Detergents, water, Odor Counteractants

Chemical Composition:

Physical Form:




Phosphate Free:


Flash Point:

None to boiling



VOC (%):


Finished Product Features & Specifications

Rapid Action Multi-Purpose Fresh Fragrance

  

Typical Specifications of Finished Product:

Typical Dilution: 1:64 Working pH: 7.0 Color: Blue-Green Fragrance: Spearmint

BHC’s 181009 Freshen Up

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