The Accessory Dream Guide - Issue 3



Looks and durability: aren’t those the two qualities everybody wants in a pickup? This 2016 Sierra 1500 is not only unique, it is also exceptionally well-protected. Every single accessory on this big black beauty sports the trendy new matte finish: there is not a single glint of chrome. This gives the entire ride a seamless appearance of subtle strength and power. This Dream Ride showcases Gardit Spray-On Truck Liners. The Bushwacker Pocket fender flares, truck box, rockers, hood and front and rear bumpers are all Gardit-sprayed for full, durable coverage. Available at Raven Grande Prairie, Gardit is an upgrade from all previous spray protectants. Its high polyuria content provides more flexibility, subtle shine and increased tensile strength per square inch, all of which make it ideal for commercial and off-road vehicles as well as daily drivers on winter roads. Gardit is available in any colour to match or even contrast your truck’s finish. After dark, the matte add-ons combine with the black exterior to transform this pickup into a stealth powerhouse slicing through the night. In this case, thoughtfully selected lighting options are even more important for visibility and impactful appearance. The Rigid Industries Dually lights on the front and Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar light up the darkness of a northern night while tastefully illuminating the truck’s stylish surfaces. It’s a showroom on wheels. After all, if you are considering an accessory purchase, it is always preferable to examine it on a truck rather than viewing it online or in a catalogue. By selecting each accessory for how it will complement overall appearance and performance, the Raven Team has transformed this from a show truck into a Dream Ride.


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