The Accessory Dream Guide - Issue 3

Show Your Ride for Brandon Event in Calgray, Alberta

and events. I never understood what was so special about them, but I would listen and smile and encourage his love and passion. Now, since Brandon has been killed, I understand his love for the car/truck world and the amazing people in it.

After Brandon was killed while driving his Imprezza in 2012, I barely functioned. In June of 2014, a lady called me whom I had never met, and said we should start a car show for Brandon, and Show Your Ride for Brandon (SYRFB) was born. Our 2014 event was planned in just over a month and was funded by Kayla, Brandon’s sister, and I and hosted by a few wonderful friends. That year, we had 152 vehicles and about 300 people. We were overwhelmed by the support from those who came to be with us. Our next event blew us all away. We started adding features such as a dyno and a sponsor banner, food trucks and prizes and more trophies. We added a planning committee and started asking sponsors to support us. The excitement and support was overwhelming and shocking, but heartwarming and heartbreaking too.

Our 2015 event saw over 600 vehicles and about 6000 people. Our 2016 event saw slightly fewer vehicles as it was extremely cold that day. Nevertheless, we had 536 vehicles and about 5000 people, again with amazing support from everyone. We were over- whelmed with gratitude for everyone’s involvement and encouragement. It takes every single person involved to make this event the huge success that it is, and every individual and company is important to us. Without every single aspect of this event, it wouldn’t be the huge success that it is. We are filled with gratitude for each and everyone involved, for all the support, commitment and love for Brandon, for our family and for this important message and cause embodied by Show Your Ride for Brandon. SYRFB has many purposes. Brandon had love and passion for every single ride, he had no favoritism and no bad words to say about someone else’s ride; he appreciated them all. One of Brandon’s friends told me that when he thought of Brandon the word Unity came to mind because he brought so many groups and people together. This is the unity we strive for in SYRFB. This event honours Brandon, his passion in life and his values, his acceptance of others no matter how big the differences between them. You didn’t have to be like Brandon to be liked by Brandon, he accepted everyone for who they were. This is one of the things we strive for, to bring everyone together to share a common love no matter what your ride is. Brandon was also extremely kind and giving, he was always there to lend a hand, a shoulder, a wrench or a few bucks (then he would come home and ask me for money!) This is why we chose SAIT and the students in the Mechanics Program as recipients for the scholarship. This is also why we chose Cochrane High School & the SYRFB Victims Fund. We chose MADD Canada because I know Brandon would never wish another life to be taken or another family to exist as we do now. Brandon dreamed of becoming a mechanic and opening his own performance shop. He was going to name his shop Cross Piston Performance, which is why we have the cross piston logo. Kayla and Brandon also share a tattoo on their backs between their shoulder blades in the form of crossed pistons. There are so many aspects to this event that mirror Brandon and the person that he was and still is. It raises awareness about the dangers of impaired driving and how it effects victims, families and communities. The ripple effect is huge. It also brings awareness to what may happen if you choose to drive impaired, and to what to do if you suspect you see an impaired driver and the reason to make that call to the police. It reminds us to stop a friend from getting behind the wheel while impaired or to think first if you are considering it yourself. I like to believe we are making an impact with this event and helping to spread the message and save others from death or a lifetime sentence of grief and pain. To everyone who makes the effort to be with us or support our event, not only do you give me, Kayla and Brandon the overwhelming gift of your love, but you all give us the gift of keeping a part of Brandon here, alive within all of your hearts and minds, and that is the greatest gift of all. You all are our heroes because without all of you, this event would not continue to grow and succeed. Thank you to each and every one of you.”


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