The Accessory Dream Guide - Issue 3


The first accessory he recommends adding is tires: “I think it’s important that the owners really ensure that they have the right tires for their type of adventuring. Most stock vehicles come with acceptable tires, but a vehicle will do so much more with the right tires.”Although Davy says it is hard to be specific, he settles on a favourite brand: “I have Smittybilt bumpers. The prices are usually a good deal”. His best accessory is his Limb Raiser kit, “but mostly wherever I go, people stop me and ask what the cables are for!” Next, he plans to “add a Ursa Minor J-30 RTT”.

Davy also has plans for his next road trip:“I really can’t wait to go back to Moab. The week- end there was just mind-boggling and super awesome. Locally, I really like the trails around Barkerville BC, and visiting the mountain tops in the area. There is something truly striking about getting to watch the sun set from a mountain top.” He just came back from a trip with NCO Adventures from PG to Barkerville in June, “with the support of Raven/NSOR. After that, a few small trips, and possibly back to Moab for 2018!”

His furthest trip to date sounds quite similar to his next one: “My last US tour took us to Vegas, then overland to Moab. Then the Grand Canyon, Mojave Desert, Death Valley, Mammoth Lakes California, Portland, and home again!” That adventure presented seriously extreme conditions, some from nature and some intentional: “In the Mojave, the wind was blowing so hard, trucks and trailers were being blown off the highway!” “Driving almost vertical up and down on the Slick Rock of Moab. Climbing rock faces where all you can see is the sky is truly exciting.”

Davy is a true outdoor enthusiast who not only enjoys nature’s beauty but works tirelessly to protect it. He enjoys giving back to the community with fund raisers and events. On the weekends you can find him panning for gold, off-roading, camping or working to clean up the trails.

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