The Accessory Dream Guide - Issue 3


his most fond memory with this Jeep is “the day it moved under its own power. The drivetrain is completely fabbed with a lot of custom parts. I was nervous how it would all work together, but everything turned out well.” So well, in fact, that he gives a shout out to his fellow builder, Pierre-luc Girard: “Without him, much of the fab work would not have been possible. I’d also like to thank Raven Truck Accessories Grande Prairie for supplying the parts I needed for the build at a very reasonable price!”

Modifications & Accessories Continued: - CB Radio - Complete Vacuum Harness Delete - Custom White Face Gauge with Red Needles - Built Chrysler 29 Spline 8.25 in Place of Old Dana 35 - Complete Heated Leather Front and Rear with dr/pass 6-way Power Seats - Trail Armour and Bedlined Body - Black Pin Striping - 01 WJ Brake Master Cylinder Swap with Full Custom Pedal Assembly and Linkages - 01 XJ Washer Fluid Tank Conversion (Inside the Fender) - 90 XJ Limited Interior Pieces - Full Alpine Sound System - Shift Boot from Late 80s Nissan Pathfinder

When asked what to recommend for a stock vehicle owner to add first, Colin clearly gives it a lot of thought: “It really depends on what you

plan to do with the build. If it’s an overlanding vehicle, on board air and a winch are good investments. If it’s a swamp vehicle; geared and locked axles, a lift and tires are much better upgrades.” He says he has “too many favourite manufacturers to pick a single one” although, “Rusty’s products have treated me very well for their price”. Colin dreams of having a V8 XJ someday: “I want one so bad it’s unreal! There’s nothing like hearing the sound of a thundering cammed-out V8 underneath you. And they have to be built, not bought so the rarity alone makes such a swap attractive.” Again, spoken like a true Gear Head!

When it came time to name his ride, he thought long and hard until it eventually jumped out at him in a store: “I wanted to do something different with this one… something that everyone could relate to without straying from the vibe of what this Jeep is actually used for. I was walking though the mall one day and came across a white and black Storm Trooper action toy. As soon as I saw the colours, Stormtrooper was born.”

Although this build is just finished and hasn’t had the opportunity to get into too much trouble yet, he has plans to use Stormtrooper to do: “anything and everything work will allow me to.” In the past, he’s loved “wheeling in the Crowsnest Pass in Southern Alberta. There are rocks everywhere and some absolutely wicked trails. South of Grande Prairie is alright as well.” The furthest he’s traveled so far is “1400 km one way”, but he has much bigger plans. His next adventure can be summed up in two short words: “Moab baby!”


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