2017-2019 GCSE Options Booklet 3 Option Pathway

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Rickmansworth School

2017 – 2019 GCSE Pathway 3 Options Booklet

Head’s Welcome

Head’s Welcome

Dear students

As you near the end of Year 9 and Key Stage 3 you are approaching an important crossroad in your education where the choices that you make now will influence the pathways you follow later in your life. It is important that you use the information in this booklet, along with the advice provided by your subject teachers, Careers Adviser and your older peers, to make the correct decision for your optional GCSE choices. This evening is an opportunity for you to discuss your subject preferences with your parents before making your final decision and submitting your options choices later this term. If you have any questions regarding your subject options following this evening please ensure you speak with your subject teachers and your Director of Learning.

Mr K Douglas


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