2017-2019 GCSE Options Booklet 3 Option Pathway

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Religious Studies

Overview Religious Studies GCSE offers students the opportunity for the thematic study of Religion and religious responses to fundamental questions of life. This subject is suitable for candidates of any religious persuasion or none. The GCSE encourages students to develop their interest and enthusiasm for the study of Religion and the relationship between Religion and the wider world. Students will also develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of Religion by exploring the impact of beliefs, teachings, practices, ways of life and forms of expressing meaning. In addition students will learn to express their personal responses and gain informed insights on fundamental questions about identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments . Costs AQA Religious Studies B- Religion and Life Issues (£19.27). AQA Religious Studies B- Religious Philosophy & Ultimate Questions (£19.27).

Trips There are no compulsory trips associated with this course.

Pathways Further Education: Philosophy & Ethics A Level University: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology Career: Law, Travel, Advertising, Human Resources, Diplomacy, Publishing, Journalism, Teaching.


Year 10

Year 11

AQA Religious Studies B- Religion and Life Issues: The module aims to give students the opportunity to examine and evaluate religious beliefs, practices and attitudes in relation to contemporary issues. This module is worth 50% of the final grade. The following topics are studied over the 2-year course:  Religion and Animal Rights  Religion and Planet Earth  Religion and Prejudice  Religion and Early Life  Religion, War and Peace

AQA Religious Studies B- Religious Philosophy & Ultimate Questions: During their second year, they will complete a second module worth 50% of the final grade. In this course they will study:  The Existence of God  The problems of Evil and Suffering  Immortality  Miracles  Science and Religion

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