Taking ConTrol of Your DiabeTes

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By Duncan Armstrong

Most people living with diabetes will already know that by taking control of your life and managing your blood glucose levels, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing serious health problems associated with diabetes. Living with diabetes requires a plan for your ongoing health. Your doctor will already have advised you of a healthy eating plan, however the other important part of the equation for diabetes management is regular exercise. Diabetes Queensland advises that regular exercise has the following specific benefits for people living with diabetes. It helps: • Your insulin to work better, • Manage your weight • Lower your blood pressure • Reduce your risk of heart disease • Reduce stress It’s important that you seek advice from your GP or exercise physiologist about what kind of exercise is suitable for you. which will improve your diabetes management

A great way to make sure you stick to your fitness plan is exercising in the comfort of your own home, because it means you never have to leave your front door. CardioTech is excited to share with you its wide range of exercise equipment, such as Treadmills and Exercise Bikes to suit all tastes and budgets, as well as their revolutionary Vibration Machines. CardioTech is particularly passionate about assisting people living with diabetes to successfully put their healthy lifestyle plan into action. They can provide ongoing support and attractive incentives for people with diabetes.

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