The Stakeholder Management Toolkit

Stakeholder Identification and Mapping

Stakeholders can be individuals or groups or even organisations. Brainstorm (in your team) and list the potential stakeholders accompanied with:

Their interest

• Their power or influence within the organisation • Their capacity to take action and to implement where they fit within the organisation • Their organisational and personal goals • How approachable they are • Their opponents or supporters • The criteria the stakeholder would use to judge the organisation’s performance (expectations of organisation)

Stakeholder Analysis and Visualisation

After this brainstorm session, you will have created a table of stakeholders that includes plenty of information on each stakeholder. The following step is to analyse and visualise. When we visualize, we begin to ‘see’ large amounts of complex data. It is simply easier than poring over spreadsheets, tables or the written word.

Over the years, a plethora of visualisations of stakeholders have emerged. Here are a few:

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