Summer 2015

Reading style Guide

Summer 2015

Dear Friends, As the school year comes to a close, I reflect on the joys of sharing the love of stories with children. Highlights this year included The Margin Project, a library- sponsored Random Acts of Kindness Project, an author visit from Kelly Light, and weekly opportunities for students to respond to great books. Here’s to summer days filled with sunshine and wonderful new stories. Read with Style,


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What's Inside?







Grand Canyon

Ice Cream




Peter Pan

Alien Investigation

Zoob Alien Creation

OGOBILD with AnimateIt!

Alien toy

Aliens t shirt

Aliens on Vacation


Mr Wuffles

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables

Spiral Balloons

A Balloon for Isabel

How to make balloon flowers

Water balloon blaster

Candy foil balloons

Balloons Over Broadway

It's Tough to Lose Your Balloon

Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm

Where do balloons go when you let them go free? Jamie Lee Curtis

Willie & Me

Sports league minifigures

Super Baseball Inforgraphics

Mug with a glove

Baseball uniforms poster

Queen of the Diamond

The Contract

Lazer pitch

The Only Game

Baseball Is...

Birds mobile

Look Up!

Aviary Wonders Inc

Sweep Up the Sun


Feathers: Not Just for Flying

Songbird choir

Bird Whistles

Bird is a Bird


Flight School

The Greatest Star on Earth (Three Ring Rascals series)

Ikea circus tent

Circus domino race

Circus animals bow tie

Circus Mirandus

Zolo stackrobots

Extraordinary Jane

Circus train

Dino and dozers construction toys

Digging in the dirt

I'm Dirty

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt


Sand digger

Buddy Bison Program

Park Ranger hat

G is for Grand Canyon

In the Canyon

Grand Canyon t shirt

Lizard socks

Saguaro cactus socks

Weberly's Ice Cream Star

Ice Cream: The Full Scoop

color changing ice cream

Wooden ice cream spoons

The Ice Cream Shop

Ice Cream Summer

Should I Share My Ice Cream?

Play and freeze ice cream

LEGO Eiffel Tower

A Walk in Paris

Draw to Learn Francais!

Paris: EverythingYou Ever Wanted to Know

Kids Cook French

Wool beret

Immersion French

Tricky Vic

Eiffel Tower organizer

Peter Pan puppets

Hook's Revenge

""all the world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust" pillow

Original Peter Pan with new illustrations

Peter Pan pop up book

Peter and the Starcatchers

Peter Pan wall decals

Inflatable shark

Grab a Bite t shirt

Wild Walls

Shark socks

Shark vs Train

Shark SoapSox

Super Shark Encyclopedia

Neighborhood Sharks

Shark hoodie

Wall shark

Wandering Whale Sharks

Fabric printing using sunlight

Arrow to the Sun

The Sun

Solar powered marble machine

Solar print paper

Six in One solar kit

Solar powered glow jars

I Play sunglasses

Read with Style

Summer 2015 Reading Style Guide



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