SSFS Middle School Curriculum Guide 2017-18

MIDDLE SCHOOL STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY Sandy Spring Friends Middle School is a community of learners who value the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, equality, service learning, stewardship of the environment, integrity and peace. Following the belief that there is that of God in everyone, we hear, respect, and sustain each voice in our school community. At Sandy Spring Friends Middle School, all students, teachers, administrators, staff, and families are partners in learning. Through open and honest communication, we provide a relevant educational program designed to be a vibrant and robust experience. Our Middle School faculty believes in the development of academic skills through holistic, nurturing, and often non- traditional approaches. Students are encouraged to challenge their hearts, minds, and bodies and take academic risks in an atmosphere of support and safety. Additionally, the curriculum exposes and educates students to the many diverse cultures found within the wider community. Recognizing that experience shapes character, students are provided opportunities for leadership, artistic expression, athletic competition, meaningful community service, and extended field trips. The program is not just a preparation for the years to follow, but is itself a whole and purposeful experience. Sandy Spring Friends School students depart the Middle School with a strong collection of academic and life skills, willing to trust the next step on a path towards the Upper School and beyond. Founder Brook Moore states that the cornerstones of community can be found in the three R’s: Respect, Responsibility, and Reverence. With these values, our students are prepared to make thoughtful choices and to develop into individuals who contribute positively toward our community and to the world.

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