19-1976 Glenidle Rd - Realtor Version


Strata VIS2633


Glenidle-by-the-Sea Adopted 27 Oct 2007, amended 25 Oct 2014

(b) any number of persons consented to, or chosen by a method that is consented to, by all the disputing parties.

(3) The dispute resolution committee must attempt to help the disputing parties to voluntarily end the dispute. Division 7 – Sales & Rentals

30 Renting a Strata Lot

(1) Before a landlord rents all or part of a residential strata lot, the landlord must give the prospective tenant

(a) The current bylaws and rules

(b) A Notice of Tenant's Responsibilities in the prescribed form

(2) Within 2 weeks of renting all or part of a residential strata lot, the landlord must give the strata corporation

(a) a copy of the Notice of Tenant's Responsibilities signed by the tenant

(b) the names of all occupants and the phone number in the strata lot.

31 Sale of a Strata Lot

(1) An owner who intends to sell their strata lot will obtain a current copy of Sale of a Strata Lot from the strata corporation and will provide their listing Realtor with a copy.

(2) An owner will inform the strata corporation before holding an open house.

Division 8 – Insurance

32 Strata Corporation

(1) In addition to the requirements of section 149 of the Strata Property Act, the strata corporation will also obtain and maintain

(a) earthquake insurance

(b) flood insurance

(c) loss of Income insurance on common property that is rented

(d) exterior glass insurance

(e) errors and omissions insurance

33 Strata Lot

(1) An owner and tenant will obtain and maintain personal property insurance.

(2) The strata corporation will recover the deductible portion of an insurance claim from an owner if the owner is responsible for the loss or damage that gave rise to the claim


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