Conform 2023 ENG


MyPlace is an enhanced comfort zone, where a pure listening experience blends with the Conform craftsmanship in com- plete harmony. The sound system has been devel- oped right alongside the armchair, from rough draft to fine-tuned perfection. The Bluetooth ® connected speakers provide an outstanding sound. Then the shape of the headrest not only directs the sound to your ears – it also isolates it from the surroundings. Take one or two steps back, and the sound can hardly be noticed. How can that be?

The simple explanation is that MyPlace is the result of a close collab- oration between experts. Our furniture knowledge has been combined with the audio expertise of Orlo, one of Sweden’s leading companies in their field. Orlo’s unique, compact platform delivers an astonishing sound while being highly adaptable for many different applications. Armchairs turned out to be one of the best examples – and we are proud to have the exclusive rights for this type of use.

THE CONFORM SOUND EFFECT The sound is experienced by the person sitting in the chair.

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