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EXPAND YOUR COMFORT ZONE. All right, we confess: We do not make armchairs exclusively. Inbetween our armchair development projects, we had a go at designing some side boards – and the results where so good that we simply couldn’t help producing them. Of course, they are built on the same high standards as the rest of our range – and designed to expand your comfort zone.

TIMEOUT table Design by Jan Aamodt Surface: veneer oak (lacquered, untreated or black stain) or walnut. Leg: brushed zinccoated metal

GAGA table Design by Niels Gammelgaard Surface: white compact laminate with black edge. Leg: oak (lacquered or black stain)


FUNCO table Design by Jahn Aamodt

GAZELL table Design by Jan Ekström Wood: oak (oiled or black stain)

Surface: veneer oak (lacquered, untreated or black stain) or walnut. Leg: molded aluminum.

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