LGS33 Leave of Absence April 2014 flipbook

Makingcontributions followinga periodof absence

Youwill onlypayyour contributionsonanypay that you receive. Child-related leave From 1April 2014 if youareanewparent andhavea periodof relevant child related leave theamountof pensionyoubuildupwill bebasedonyourAPP. Relevant child related leavecoversall periodsof OrdinaryMaternityLeave,OrdinaryAdoptionLeave andOrdinaryPaternityLeaveandanypaidAdditional MaternityLeave,Additional AdoptionLeaveand Additional PaternityLeave. Thatmeans that if youhaveaperiodof reduced contractual payornopayduring relevant child related leaveyourpension isworkedoutusingyour APP (before the reduction inpay tookplace). Youwill onlypayyour contributionsonanypay that you receive. If youdecide to takeaperiodofunpaidadditional Maternity,Adoption (usually fromweek39 toweek 52)orPaternityLeaveyou will not builduppension benefits. Tofindouthow toavoid this seeour sectiononbuyingperiodsof lostpensionopposite. Agreedabsence If youareaway fromyour job for aperiodof time with theagreementof your employer (for any reasonother than sicknessor injury) for acontinuous periodyoucanelect to takeout aSCAPCcontract to cover any ‘lost’ pension for thisperiod. If you return toworkandchoosenot topay contributions for yourperiodof absence, thevalue of your LGPSpensionbenefitswill be reduced in that Schemeyear to reflect aperiodduringwhichyou If youareaway fromworkwithout thepermissionof your employerdue tobeing involved ina strike, your LGPSpensionentitlementwill reflect abreak for any days that youareabsent. If youwish topaycontributions for any strikeperiod youwill need toenter intoa full-costAPCcontract i.e your employerwill notpayanycontributions. receivednopay. Tradedispute

Sickness leave If youareon sick leave theamountofpensionyou buildupwon’tbeaffected. From 1April 2014whenyouare in receiptof full sickpayyourpensionbuildsupasnormal using the pensionablepayyou receive. If youhaveaperiodof reducedcontractual payornopaydue to sicknessor injury thenyourpension isworkedoutbasedonyour AssumedPensionablePay (before the reduction in pay tookplace).


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