Sirona Fact Sheets 2013 ENG


MARS reduces metal artifacts. Look beyond the metal to make a better diagnosis

During a three-dimensional reconstruction, radiopaque objects (e.g. metal) create shadows and streaks which make it more difficult, to provide a diagnosis. With the help of the reconstruction software MARS, such metal artifacts are now depicted in a clearly reduced manner in the near-, as well as the far-field when using ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, just like with GALILEOS currently. Directly at the metal itself, reconstruction is almost impossible due to physical reasons. The reconstruction software MARS is not a simple filter that makes the image look nice; instead, it is an algorithm that really looks beyond the object.

■■ Clearly lower image interference through metal artifacts ■■ Integrated into the reconstruction software ■■ Automatic adaptation of the reconstruction algorithm to the associated x-ray unit (GALILEOS or ORTHOPHOS XG 3D)

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