IIW Annual Report 2022

THE 75 TH IIW ANNUAL ASSEMBLY, TOKYO, JAPAN Undoubtedly our Japanese hosts have excelled in both organising and conducting a one-of-a-kind event to all individuals lucky enough to join either in person or on-line. Vividly I seem to recall the discussions held prior to this Annual Assembly, in-depth considering especially the question whether or not it may be technically even feasible to successfully carry out a meeting of such enormous impact and size using something referred to as “hybrid-mode”. Finally, however, it was the right decision taken by IIWs Board of Directors to put full trust in the abilities of the local organisers. Thus, and whichever approach progressively may be applied to execute future IIW Annual Assemblies; my sincerest personal congratulations to our Japanese friends for gathering the IIW family from all over the world and successfully conducting this latest and most important annual IIW event. No question, one fundamental part in all of the aforementioned was played again by the eighteen technical commissions of the IIW and their sub commissions collectively forming the technical and scientific backbone of our unique association. It was they and their members thoroughly planning the agendas and carefully executing the sessions to achieve highest degrees of satisfaction. The impressive number of positive comments received back from the IIW community subsequently to the Annual Assembly profoundly speaks for itself. Consequently, and on behalf of the whole Technical Management Board of the IIW; I gratefully congratulate all commission chairs for their unrivalled competence and true passion devoted in Japan. In addition, the approach of having symposia focusing on topics strategically important for the IIW, this time perfectly arranged and managed by Mr Doug Kautz (USA), Chair of IIW C-I (Additive Manufacturing, Surfacing, and Thermal Cutting), and Professor Satoru Asai (Japan), Chair of IIW C-XII (Arc Welding Processes and Production Systems), was proven the right path to follow. It could emphasise IIWs goal to take the global lead wherever promising and evolving technologies in welding and joining are concerned. Last, but very not the least, recalling the superb International Conference on “Innovative Welding and Joining Technologies to achieve Carbon Neutrality and promote Sustainable Development”. Superior international speakers could be engaged leading the event to preeminent success. Paired with the friendliness and hospitality openly granted by our Japanese friends, one is tempted to describe this 75th IIW Annual Assembly by using just one single word: Perfect!

With all these overwhelming memories in mind, I do now greatly look forward to meeting you all again in 2023 – in person hopefully – whilst collectively joining the 76th IIW Annual Assembly in Singapore.

DR STEPHAN EGERALD Chairman of the Technical Management Board of the IIW



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