Local Plan Pullout Special

Planning for the future W here do you see yourself in 15 years? And what is your vision for our area? The Royal Borough’s Local Plan could have a big influence on you, your family or your

business. It sets out how many homes we need to build over the next 15 years, where they should go and what type of housing it could be. Could one of these new homes be for you or your children? The Local Plan sets out proposals for new retail and town centre development: for shops, offices, and entertainment and leisure. What will you want from your town centre? It also looks at how much land we need for business and industry and to provide jobs for local people. And it covers much else besides: tourism, leisure and recreation, open spaces, the historic and the natural environment, the Green Belt, schools, transport, health services and more. All of these help shape the communities in which we live.

Cllr MJ Saunders

Cllr MJ Saunders, cabinet member for planning and property, said: “There is a balancing act that we have to get right – protecting the environment while promoting a strong community and a competitive economy, and bringing forward the land needed to achieve this.”

W e need to know what you think about our ideas for what should be in the Local Plan. We have already done a lot of work and have benefitted from the views of residents, community groups, local businesses and other interested parties at earlier stages in the preparation of this plan. At the end of 2012 we asked you to tell us what you thought about the sites with the potential to meet our housing and employment needs. Thank you to all those who responded. We have listened to what you said, done more research and gathered more evidence. Our ideas about what could be in the Local Plan It’s time to have your say...

have been brought together in a ‘Preferred Options’ document. Before we finalise the plan we want to know what you think about the approach we are proposing. We need your views, to inform our final decisions. Cllr MJ Saunders said: “Consultation is an important part of preparing a robust Local Plan and so now it is over to you – this is your opportunity to give us your thoughts about how to achieve the best possible future for our borough.” BALANCE: Three key factors and how they interact have to be considered.

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