AR2 Aircraft Band Receiver Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. AR2

 A new and improved version of our popular Aircraft Receiver kit, this new model features an LCD display, scan function, and increased sensitivity, all in a rugged metal enclosure. Rivals professional units costing much more and you have bragging rights because you built it yourself! Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication Tunes the entire 118 - 136 MHz Air band  Operates on 15 to 18 VDC  Scan function “finds” the signals for you; no more laborious tuning to find a transmission  Memory locations make it easy to re-find your local favorites  Listen to control towers, centers, and planes en-route  Very sensitive; picks up planes 100 miles away!  Great project for all pilots and flight students  Clear, concise step-by-step instructions carefully guide you to a finished kit that not only works - but you’ll learn too!

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