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00000000 Rye Bites - Sunflower Seed & Caraway 00000000 Rye Bites - Tomato & Rosemary 00000000 Rye Bites - Dill & Sour Cream

12x100g 12x100g 12x100g

£30.00 £30.00 £30.00

£2.50 £2.50 £2.50

00000000 Bald Geezer’s Rye Bites – Mixed Case (4 of each) 12x100g



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Bald Geezer’s Original Rye Bites are hand baked in small batches using Bald Geezer’s original rye crisp bread recipe. Bald Geezer's love of Rye runs in the family as his ancestors grew Rye in Finland. Rye is staple part of healthy Nordic diet. In his world travels, Bald Geezer has sought tasty Rye products with limited success. So finally, Bald Geezer decided to make his own for you to enjoy! Why rye? Well benefits of rye fibre are widely publicised from lower glycaemic index to gut health and beyond, so Bald Geezer’s Original Rye Bites offer you a healthier snack. Bald Geezer’s Original Rye Bites are vegetarian, high in fibre, wheat free and have no added sugar or yeast. Also, Sunflower Seed & Caraway and Tomato & Rosemary flavours are dairy free. Bald Geezer’s Original Rye Bites great as snacks, with dips, cheese, toppings & even herring!

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