galema 2018

Changes... There have been many changes over the past 5 years with mergers, acquisitions and closures of greenhouse operations. We are excited about the future of our prefinished and young plant business here at Galema’s Greenhouse. We work hard every day to bring you the best young plants in whatever quantities you need. We are still here for you. Things are not changing here…only improving. Last year we tested a paper wrap around each individual strip of most varieties to help handling at shipping which we all know can be quite challenging at times. This has resulted in significantly less damages in shipping so we’ve moved forward to implement that for all future shipments. We continue to offer the Dummen Orange genetics in almost all the genera and varieties, and we round that out with a solid offering from Plant Source International plus some unique items from our own stock plants. We remain your partner on a strong team that looks to the past for stability and to the future for innovation. Together, let’s make our country beautiful with grown in the USA products. Tim and Bev Galema

Broker Contact Information Our liner and prefinished products are available through these major brokers:

M & M Flowers Voice: 260.301.1793 Fax: 260.692.6576 M & M Plant Sales Inc. Voice: 831-801-6049 Fax: 831-637-3338 Henry F. Michell Company Toll Free: 800.422.4678 Fax: 610.265.4208 McHutchison Toll Free: 800.943.2230 Fax: 973.317.1219

Carlin Horticultural Supplies Toll Free: 800.661.0271 Fax: 414.355.3107 Eason Horticultural Resources Toll Free: 800.214.2221 Fax: 859.578.2266 Fred C. Gloeckner & Company Toll Free: 800.345.3787 Fax: 914.698.0848

Griffin Toll Free: 800.454.8159 Fax: 630.969.9456 The Plant Connection BFG Supply Co. Toll Free: 800.883.0234 Vandenberg Bulb Toll Free: 800.955.3813 Fax: 517.546.3429 Waldo & Associates Toll Free: 800.468.4011

Grimes Horticulture Toll Free: 800.241.7333

Fax: 419.666.2079

Pricing Information: Please contact your broker.

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