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T H E R E ’ S A P E R S O N I N T H E R E • T H E R E ’ S A P E R S O N I N T H E R E •

Anyone who has carefully observed animals knows they can run rings around humans in countless ways: Think of the sassy donkey who figures out how to remove a fence post to let himself out of a corral; the clever octopus who – though colorblind herself – can, within a split second, elude capture by “becoming” part of a reef or a sandy ocean floor; or the godwit who flies 7,000 miles without stopping for a moment’s rest.

That’s why PETA agrees with philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s words: It is only “the hand of human tyranny” that prevents animals from being recognized for the unique beings they are. Insecure humans are forever trying to seem superior by putting “others” down, understating or denying their talents, intelligence, social skills, and everything else that shows them to be worthy of respect. Those other living beings have awe-inspiring abilities: When not being run out of their homes, enduring the destruction and diversion of their food and water sources, or being caught in

medicinal plants, flight paths, and the natural world leave even the most learned humans in the dust.

We further patronize other animals by exclaiming condescendingly that some have the intelligence of a human child. Yet an 8-month-old cow can learn by simple observation how to operate a complicated gate latch and turn on a water pump, and a crow of the same age can figure out how to raise the water level in a container by dropping stones into it. For the most part, their senses outstrip ours, too: A dog can detect a USB drive inside a metal box placed within a metal cabinet, and a pigeon can navigate using electromagnetic fields. PETA’s mission is to challenge the absurd and arrogant idea that thinking and acting intelligently and feeling emotion are purely human characteristics. Just as we had to concede that the sun does not revolve around the Earth, we must face the fact that we are all animals, separated only by human conceit. In the same way that the color of one’s skin cannot ethically be used as a reason to exploit, enslave, or discriminate against another human being, the presence of fur, feathers, or scales is no reason to slaughter or even demean another living being.

Rats: © • Crockpot chili: © The Colorful Kitchen • Woman: © • Egg: © • Chicken: © Yves Lanceau/Minden Pictures

steel traps, strung up, cut up, skinned, chained, or caged,

they defy our disparaging assessments by somehow surviving and even raising families without ever availing themselves of supermarkets, mechanized transport, doctors, or schools. Their individual and collective knowledge of foods,

Inside: Read about PETA’s work to achieve Bentham’s dream of a time “when humanity will extend its mantle over everything which breathes.”


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