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School spirit will soar. 170 feet high, to be exact.

Learning, on a whole new level. At Cedar Point, a class trip is unlike any other. After all, there are thrilling rides, chances for your marching band to perform and even a leadership workshop. Not to mention additional educational events throughout May, like Physics, Science and Math Week and Amusement Park 101. Visit cedarpoint.com/group-sales or call 800-448-2428 for more information and ticket savings today.

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get ready to Lead Online Graduate Certificates for Your Teachers at 1/2 Off Graduate Tuition

Online Teaching and Learning Certificate Work in a collaborative space with colleagues and leaders in the online learning field to create and lead authentic, valu- able experiences for your students. You’ll learn to redesign course materials, manage workload, prevent plagiarism, and leverage the online environment to strengthen your teaching.

Leadership in Online Learning Certificate Gain a unique knowledge and skill set beyond instructional design to better support online instructors and students, guide online program development, or provide faculty devel- opment opportunities. Learn to draw connections between design, methods, pedagogy, and legal and ethical issues to prepare you to lead in online education.

All courses are available online.


email: cechpd@uc.edu Phone: 513-556-2496

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