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Renee Reynolds | Director of Retail Operations – Prior to coming to the National Academy Associates, Renee worked for several years with Walmart in a similar role. Renee has been working hard on optimizing the output in the store to realize its fullest potential not only for the quality of mementoes memorializing your experience here but also as a revenue stream for the Association. Renee is also the primary protector of the NA seal. Misha Melton and Jennifer Naragon – Misha and Jennifer are two part-time employees that work hand and hand with Renee in the store. You will find these two folks either behind the cash register or engaging with our members when they come in the store helping them to find exactly what they need. Jennifer Watson | Director of Membership Engagement – Jennifer has developed strategies for membership enrollment to assist our Chapter Membership Coordinators, Secretary/Treasurers, and Chapter Presi- dents in communicating with our members that may have fallen off the grid for one reason or another. Did you all know Jennifer does Roller Derby? She may not look it, but she’s a killer and ready to employ any tactic necessary to keep our membership rolls up! Shirlene McCormick – Shirlene is our newest part-time employee, and was hired to assist Jennifer with membership engagement. Not a killer yet, but a killer in training. Shirlene brings a great deal of energy and knowl- edge of both the National Academy and the National Academy Associates. Suzy Kelly | Director of Marketing and Communications – Her title indicates she is involved in the branding and marketing of our Association as well as being responsible for our social media footprint. She is. Suzy is always looking for a better way to present the National Academy Associ- ates to both our members and partners. What is not immediately evident in her title is the role she plays in partner development, which is what we develop here. Partners are family and Suzy makes sure they know that.

John Kennedy | Director of Education and Training – With the re- focus on meaningful training directed towards contemporary law en- forcement issues, John’s experience working with other non-profit law enforcement entities has been an invaluable find. John’s education and background in training has and will continue to allow our members to flourish throughout their career. As every graduate has heard, the National Academy is just the beginning of a journey. That’s our staff. We could not be more fortunate to have the quality of employees we have here at the National Academy Associates. I wanted to give the membership just a little glimpse of the professionalism and commitment each player brings to the table. Take what I have given you and multiply it tenfold. Although none have worked in the field of law enforcement, they certainly understand the concept of doing more with less. At each event put on for the members here at the academy and particularly at our annual National Conference, it is an all hands on deck event. Each staff member, although assigned a role, does whatever it takes to make the event all it can be for our membership. Presidents and board members will come and go but our staff is truly the founda- tion, the mortar, and the strength of our Association. When you have the opportunity please let them know you appreciate them as well. I want to thank you all again for this once in a lifetime oppor- tunity to lead this Association. I hope to see you in Quebec City to welcome in our new President, Chief Johnnie Adams .

Be safe, be strong, be vigilant, and be proud!

Scott A. Dumas President FBINAA Chief of Police, Rowley Massachusetts


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