1934 The bon Vivant's Companion (7th printing 1934) by Jerry Thomas

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HOW TO MIX DRINKS by Professor Jerry Thomas Another turn of the wheel of fate brings to an end what once more in the exhilirat- ing presence of a "Blue Blazer" or once again immersed in romantic nostalgia over an "Orange Blossom" we now charitably call "a noble experiment". Let the dead bury the dead! Let the family bathtub re turn again to its humble service of housing the family coal! Let the furtive engulfings of "unspeakable concoctions prepared by frowsy gorillas lounging behind the bars of dingy basement speakeasies, slashing luke warm ginger ale into dirty glasses half-filled with raw alcohol "be forever forgotten!" We are entering upon a mellower and a more leisured age. With the coming of de cent ingredients a cry goes up for the grand old recipes of the royal drink-concocters of happict days. Some of us, but not many, still can tell our grandchildren of the time we sipped a "Tom and Jerry" at the old Metropolitan in New York when Jerry Thomas was the Principal Bartender there.The oldest living inhabitant may even dimly recall burying his nose in one of the Professor's Juleps in the Planters' House in St. Louis. But there is glory enough for all. The book in which the Old Master confined so many of his '' rets THE BON VIVANTS'COMPAN ION orHOWTO MIX DRINKS,with all of its 300 or more precious recipes is yours to own and to use. n j j- Follow carefully those time-tried direc tions and drink a toast to the Prince of Mixers whose genial "What will it be, gentlemen?" was an invitation to remember and to cherish.

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