BOA - 2017 - Minutes

Minutes – Hardwick Township Zoning Board of Adjustment May 16, 2017

Richard Keiling, Esq. was also present and the draft Resolution was discussed. Board Secretary Schemm suggested that the minutes be reviewed, so that the Resolution reflects the individuals that were in attendance, at the various meeting nights. The Board discussed whether they wish to see a final draft of the Resolution prior to adopting it. Mr. Ohl asked if it would be possible to store some of the residential vehichles off site some of the time. Attorney Keiling stated that he can suggest to the residents, that perhaps the residential vehichles, could be stored offsite during the week. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that the Board would like to see a final draft of the Resolution prior to adopting it. Mr. Ohl made the motion to defer adoption of the Resolution. Motion seconded Ms. Schemm. In a roll call vote, all were in favor, except for Ms. Butler, who voted in opposition and is not eligible to vote; and Mr. Hughes and Ms. Fasano, who did vote on the application. Other: Annual Report Deferred to next month. Open to the Public: The meeting was opened to the public. With there being no public comment, the hearing was closed to the public. Other: The discussions had at the Township Committee meetings were reviewed and discussed. The Board discussed the items that need to be completed by the Board, prior to it being abolished. Several Board Members stated their disappointment with the lack of courtesy and respect given to the Board. Bills : The following vouchers were submitted: Lyn Aaroe-General 300.00 Lyn Aaroe-Redd Stag 262.60 Mr. Ohl made the motion to approve the vouchers. Motion seconded by Mr. Wolff. In a roll call vote, all were in favor. Adjournment : On a motion made and seconded there was a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:22 p.m. In a voice vote, all were in favor. Respectfully Submitted Alfia Schemm Board Secretary 6/16/17


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