903871--PICASSO--The Metamorphoses of Ovide, 1930

Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide - Eurydice piquée par un Serpent, 1930 Pablo Picasso

Inspired by the authors of the Hellenistic period, this long epic poem retraces, from the initial chaos to the emperor Augustus, about 250 mythological legends that tell the transformations of men or gods into plants, animals or minerals. These punishments or rewards of the gods for mortals, these 12,000 verses sing the gods of Olympus but also Hercules, Achilles, Trojan heroes, Pythagoras or Julius Caesar. Ovid began its composition towards the year 1 and probably revised it until his death in 17 AD. In 1930, Picasso made 30 etchings to illustrate this poem: a scene for each of the books as well as the opening pages of the 15 chapters.

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