Vol 17 Issue 2 Winter 2017

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Haifa Multi-K Potassium nitrate

products for healthy crops

Optimise your crops with Multi-K potassium nitrate Treat your crops with Multi-K cutting-edge products to improve tomorrow’s harvests. Multi-K potassium nitrate fertilisers help you to enhance quality, boost yields and reduce labour costs. Haifa’s potassium nitrate is 100% used by plants, with no residual remaining in soils. Our world renowned, fully water soluble fertilisers include: • Crystalline Multi-K plain or enriched for Nutrigation • Haifa-Bonus npK for foliar application • Multi-K Prills for soil application

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR HAIFA TEAM Trevor Dennis , Managing Director E: trevor.dennis@haifa-group.com M: 0400 119 852 Jon Corona , Agronomist E: jon.corona@haifa-group.com M: 0408 568 605

Peter Anderson, Qld Sales Agronomist E: peter.anderson@haifa-group.com Jason Teng , Customer Service/Logistics E: jason.teng@haifa-group.com

M: 0459 488 850

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