Agendas - 2010 - Hardwick

Page 2 January 27, 2010 Mr. Perry talked about solar energy and maybe doing an energy audit for the township. Blairstown Township is presently doing this audit, which needs to be done before applying for any grants. Mr. Perry will keep the Committee updated. PEOSH, Mr. Duffy read a letter from PEOSH regarding an inspection that was done. Mr. Campbell explained the violation noting that it was a new log form that was not completed. He then proceeded to explain. The Inspector will be back in about 60 days for a reinspection. The agenda for the March 3 rd meeting was reviewed. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Grant - The application was submitted and we are just waiting to hear from the State if we will be moving forward. Shared Services - Discussion for Executive Session Riverview Drive - Mr. Campbell will be getting quotes for repair work shortly. Service Electric - No update at this time Cell Towers - TowerCo has another collator that is interested and they are Verizon Land Preservation, request for a representative from the Township to sit on this Board. The Committee will review this request for the February 3 meeting. Wehrle Property, Land Conservancy has sent information to the Committee to review and take action on. The Attorney suggested that the Committee set a date for a public hearing on this in order to authorize the expenditure. This will be discussed further in closed session tonight. There was no public participation at this time. EXECUTIVE SESSION Mr. Perry moved that the Committee go into closed session at 8:41PM to discuss: 1. Knowlton Court, Shared Service 2. TowerCo, contractual 3. Shared Services, Building Department 4. Green Team Grant, Contractual 5. Alina Lodge update, Contractual 6. Wehrle, Contractual Motion was then seconded by Mr. Duffy. Motion carried and a voice vote was unanimous. RESOLUTION WHEREAS, Section 8 of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 permits the exclusion of the public from a meeting under certain circumstances; and WHEREAS, this public body is of the opinion that such circumstances presently exit. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Township Committee of the Township of Hardwick, in the County of Warren and State of New Jersey as follows: 1. The public shall be excluded from that portion of this meeting 2. The general nature of the subject matter to be discussed is as follows: a. Knowlton Court, Shared Services b. TowerCo, Contractual c. Shared Services, Building Department d. Green Team Grant, Contractual e. Alina Lodge Update, Contractual f. Wehrle Property, Contractual 3. As nearly as can now be ascertained, the matter or matters to be discussed at this time will be disclosed to the public when such matters are resolved. Time In: 8:41PM Present: Kevin Duffy, Alfred Carrazzone, James Perry Also present: Attorney Michael Lavery and Judith Fisher, Township Clerk Time Out: 9:31PM

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