Valve terminals CPV, Compact Performance Key features




Easy to mount

Cubic design for exceptional performance and low weight Low installation and bus connection costs

Flexible and cost-effective connection of 2 to 8 valve slices Highly flexible thanks to: – various pneumatic functions (valve variants) – different pressure ranges – vacuum switches – integrated vacuum generation – relay plates with floating electrical outputs Separator plates for creating pressure zones Valves with integrated separation of ducts 1 and 11 Blanking plates for future expansion

LED displays Manual overrides for valves Protection class to IP65

Ready-to-install and tested unit Lower selection, ordering, installa­ tion and commissioning costs Secure mounting on wall or H-rail Pneumatic multiple connector plate – fast assembly without the need to replace the connected tubing Optimised assembly for control cabinets

Protection class IP65 also in con­ junction with pneumatic multiple connector plate for control cabinet assembly CE mark ATEX certification (see Technical Data)

Ideal for decentralised machines and system structures, for example

– in handling technology – in conveyor technology – in the packaging industry – in sorting systems

– in upstream machine functions Integrated diagnostics, condition monitoring (Fieldbus Direct) A string extension for Fieldbus Direct of 8 … 32 inputs and 8 … 32 outputs is possible without any difficulty (version-dependent)


Subject to change – 2018/07

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