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A Guide to ‘Hearing Healthcare Toolkit for Use in Primary and Geriatric Care’ Background Unitron supports the physician referral initiatives of hearing healthcare professionals with a variety of resources. Now Unitron offers you a brand new resource: the “Hearing Healthcare Toolkit for Use in Primary and Geriatric Care.” Why a physician’s toolkit? Unitron recognizes that hearing healthcare professionals often face barriers in building relationships with physicians, including: • Lack of physician awareness about the potentially serious consequences of untreated hearing loss and the connections to many other health conditions • A patient’s competing health concerns — hearing loss often gets pushed to the back of the line • No reliable processes or resources for identifying hearing impairments and providing the appropriate intervention The “Hearing Healthcare Toolkit for Use in Primary and Geriatric Care” takes a multipronged approach, combining information and guidance, to overcoming these barriers. What does the toolkit contain? • An overview of adult-onset hearing loss and its “triple threat” for patients • How the detection of hearing loss dovetails with Medicare’s annual wellness visit (AWV) under the Affordable Care Act • A sample action and planning form for patients who may have a hearing impairment • A step-by-step checklist for assessing hearing loss co-morbidities and behavioral risk factors • A hearing healthcare intervention readiness questionnaire for evaluating a patient’s acceptance of a hearing loss and willingness to speak with someone about it • A sample risk assessment referral form

Hearing healthcare toolkit for use in primary and geriatric care

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