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TOM AND HUCK A Mississippi River Adventure

. . . Two boys, two dogs, one raft and an on-coming steamboat sailing out of a fog bank in the middle of the night. What will be the outcome?Will the steamboat see the lantern in time? Will the other mate be able to lean hard enough on the oar to pull them out of peril?Will the

dogs make enough noise to tell the steamboat they are ahead? I have seen this type of fog on the river many times in my research outings . . . clear one minute . . . total fog the next.The only issue left is how will the boys and their dogs fair in this encounter?

Gary R. Lucy, whose studio overlooks the Missouri River atWashington, Missouri, has worked as a professional artist since 1972. A native of Missouri, Gary spent twelve years as an award winning wildlife artist; however, in 1985 he changed the direction of his work to the historic interpretation of the inland waterways of North America.

GARY R. LUCY GALLERY 231West Main Street •Washington, Missouri • 636-239-6337 •

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